Motor unit REGIOMOVER with diesel-hydraulic power transmission is manufactured as partially low-floor unit consisting of three parts, namely two motor cars and one intermediate trailer car.
It is intended for operation at domestic and regional railway tracks with track gauge of 1435 mm. The unit can negotiate maximum gradient of 40 ‰ on the track.

Motor unit can be operated either separately or in double configuration, eventually in triple configuration in multiple control. Motor cars are mutually connected to intermediate car on the driven bogie by rubber-metal joint, which ensures connecting as well as swivelling function. The entire unit is suspended by pneumatic suspension on the driving as well as driven bogie. Two types of bogies are used in the unit. Two driving bogies, which are placed under front faces of motor cars. Two driven bogies of Jacobs type mutually connecting the ends of motor car bodies to intermediate car body.

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The unit has four brake systems: hydrodynamic retarder, electropneumatic straight brake, spring brake and pneumatic indirectly acting brake. Traction power of unit is min. 800 kW.

The front face of DMU REGIOMOVER meets the requirement for resistance of car body against crashes according to STN EN 15 227.

In the passenger area there is installed information system with visual and acoustic announcement of respective stations, camera monitoring system and WiFi system. An interior is heated by hot-water heating elements placed in the lateral floor channels. The regulation of heating and air-conditioning device is realized by microprocessing regulator and spatial thermostats. Large-scale windows provide a good view from motor unit for passengers. In the entrance area of intermediate car there is an opportunity for transport of passengers seating on wheelchairs, prams, bicycles and bulky luggage. Big pre-sliding door enables fast exchange of passengers.

In term of climatic and geographical conditions the vehicle can be operated in temperature range of -25°C to +40°C up to altitude of 1100 m (class 1, according to STN EN 50 125-1) and average annual relative air humidity up to 75%.

All processes of development and production are a part of integrated management
system meeting the requirements of quality management according to ISO 9001 standard,
environmental management according to ISO 14001 standard and IRIS international
standard of railway industry.

Technical parameters of Motor unit REGIOMOVER

Track gauge

1 435  mm
Maximum speed 140 km.hour-1

No. of places for seating – fixed seats

                                    – folding seats



Countour of unit STN EN 152732
Length over buffers 58 800  mm
Maximum width of unit 2 849  mm
Maximum height 4 300  mm
Axle base of driving bogie 2 600  mm
Axle base of driven bogie 2 800  mm
Nominal diameter of the wheels of bogies 850 mm/770 mm
Smallest minimum curve radius of rail at negotiation by track speed 150  m
Strength parameters of unit UIC 566,
12 663
category P-II
Strength parameters of the front face of unit STN EN 15227
Power of combustion engines 2x588 kW


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