ŽOS Vrútky a.s. is the company that understands its own processes as a part of chain in continuous circulation of mutual effect of parts of living and unliving nature.
The declaration of its environmental policy is an expression of effort and endeavour expressed by the company´s commitment to continuously improve its impact on environment while increasing quality of meeting all needs of the parties involved.

In our environmental policy we present our commitment:

  • to act in the environmental areas in complex way so that all obligations resulting from valid legislation and ISO 14 001 requirements are fulfilled,
  • to focus the decision-making on technology innovations in program way with having a respect to environmental aspects and impacts,
  • to minimize the circumstances of waste generation in its processes, to make use of all available opportunities of their recovery,
  • to affect environmental behaviour and indirect aspects of its suppliers and contracting partners,
  • to dispose the wastes in an environmental friendly way,
  • to save the primary raw material and energy sources,
  • to continuously increase the level of environmental knowledge of the employees of our company,
  • to apply preventive principles in the area of pollution instead of corrective principles,
  • to assure the sequence and continual interconnection of programs of environmental management for systematic fulfilling of short-term and long-term environmental objectives.

The company ŽOS Vrútky a.s. considers its environmental policy to be public issue and publishes the environmental policy in its speeches, objectives, programs and activities in order to inform the employees, state administrative bodies, municipal bodies and public.

The environmental policy is binding for all employees of the company.