Company´s history

Railway repair shops and machine works in Vrútky have such history that many companies not only in Slovakia can just envy them this history! The roots of railway repair business in Vrútky are dated back to 1874, when the Workshop for repair of steam locomotives, passenger cars and freight wagons has been established.

Throughout its existence the company has gone through several development stages. As the most significant milestone in the history it is possible to indicate the beginning of 60’s, when in January 1960 the last repaired steamlocomotive left the gate of factory. So the new stage has begun – repairs of electric locomotives.

At the end of 80’s ŽOS Vrútky has ranked among top quality repair shops of rail vehicles in the central Europe.
Along with implementation of modern technics it has also increased technological level of workplaces and the capacity opportunities have significantly increased. Since 1994 the company is a joint stock company.
Until 1993 the Czechoslovak State Railways was the main customer for the production. After dividing of Czech and Slovak Federated Republic and disintegration of Czechoslovak State Railways the domestic railways have become the main customer.
At the end of 80’s thanks to rebuilding and modernization ŽOS Vrútky a.s. has ranked among top-quality repair shops of rail vehicles in the central Europe. With implementation of modern technics the technological level of workplaces has also increased and the capacity opportunities of the company have also significantly increased.

Since 1994, when the company became joint stock company, in addition to traditional repairing activities an acceleration of new philosophies projects into gradual increasing of company’s production in the field of newlymanufacturedrail vehicles.