Engineering plant

Machine production

Machine production
  • turning operation - vertical
  • turning operation - horizontal  
  • milling operation
  • boring operation
  • slotting
  • surface grinding
  • external diameters grinding
  • hole grinding
  • thread rolling
  • pressing - vertical 
  • pressing - horizontal 
  • sheets shearing
  • ironwork
  • cutting - vertical 
  • cutting - horizontal 
  • bending
  • roll bending
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  • aluminium casting
  • bronze casting  
  • composite ASMIT, STANIT
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OS Vrtky JSC has mastered a welding technology of constructional steel, alloy steel, high- alloy steel under shielding atmosphere by active and inert gas, also non-ferrous metal, copper, aluminium and its alloys, under shielding atmosphere of MIG / WIG inert gas.
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OS Vrtky JSC also offers a wide range of welding and surfacing renovation methods by electric arc, flame, resistance welding spot welding and flashing, also high-productive welding methods submerged-arc welding.
  • zwelding and component surfacing under shielding atmosphere and gas mixture by the MAG method for the material of the following groups: W01, W02, W03 and W11
  • welding and component surfacing under shielding atmosphere by WIG method for the materials of the following groups W11, W22, W23, copper and its alloys
  • component welding under shielding atmospheres in the gas mixtures by the MIG method for the W22 and W23 materials
  • submerged-arc welding added cold wire Vڎ NAKO1 whole railway vehicles wheel sets
  • hand electric arc welding for W01, W02, W03 and W11 materials
  • resistance welding SU-250 flashing for ?10 up to 60 mm of the following materials: W01, W02 and W03
  • flame-powder surfacing
  • welding and gas brazing
  • electric arc welding by pendant equipment TECNA TE 450 with the electrode gap depth of 1000 mm for the following material welding W01, W02, W03, W11, W23 and their combination from the thickness:
  • min. 0,2+0,2 mm
    0,5+0,5 mm
    and their thickness combination of
    max. 0,5+0,5 mm
    max. 2+3 mm.
  • by the stationary spot welder of the type TECNA 6250 N with maximum throat depth of the welding point from the edge 800 mm for the welding of the following materials in the following scope:
  • min. 0,5+0,5 mm
    max. 5,0 + 5,0 for W23 material
    min. 0,25+0,25 mm
    max. 8,0 + 8,0 mm for W01 and W02 materials
    min. 0,2+0,2 mm
    max. 6,0 + 6,0 mm for W11 material
    OS Vrtky JSC has obtained the Quality System Certificate according to the DIN 6700-2 Standard for welding of railway track vehicles in C1.1. class issued by certificate organisation TV Bayern Hessen Sachsen, also the Quality System Certificate for welding of railway track vehicles according to SN EN 729-2 Standard issued by SVV Prague and the Licence for welding of railway track vehicles, repairs and reconstruction of railway track vehicles pressure tanks by welding issued by DU Bratislava.
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    The guarantee period of repairs is in accordance with valid regulations.
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